Culture News, 29/11/2017

Festival for Special Needs Kids in Kharkiv

The gala concert of the Natkhnenia Festival for children with special needs took place in Ukraina concert hall yesterday.

More than a thousand participants and spectators took part in the event. The kids with disabilities who study in special municipal schools performed on stage. They had to pass a qualifying round and reach the final before taking part in the gala concert. The audience saw unique performances such as songs presented in sign language, “noisy” instruments played by visually and hearing impaired kids, choir’s and mimes’ performances, dance groups and solo musicians.

According to specialists, children with hearing impairment perceive music as sound waves vibration. They sing by hand gestures to match the music, dance and sing along to the music and each other. Also, children who can hardly hear sounds learn to play in the ensemble and perform rather complicated songs. Svetliachki “noisy” instruments orchestra of Kharkiv boarding school No. 6 played Ukrainian folk music medley at the festival.

“Pupils study in classes for different age groups. Children with different levels of hearing impairment play in the orchestra,” orchestra manager Svitlana Savchenko said.

Several bands were awarded Grand Prix diplomas from Department of Family, Youth and Sports of Kharkiv city council: Classic folk choir from Kharkiv special municipal school named after Korolenko, Impulse dance group from special educational institution No. 2, Alisa fashion theater and lead dancer of Kentucky dance theater Ihor Volkov from special educational institution No. 7.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Kharkiv City Council