Business Culture News Science, 14/09/2017

Finnish Experts Help Creating Geopark near Kharkiv

Verkhne Prydontsoviya geopark is planned to be formed in the Kharkiv region at the banks of River Siverskiy Donets.

The Finnish partners agreed to support the project.

This joint program was developed during the recent visit of the Kharkiv Region delegation to the Republic of Finland. The agreement on the cooperation was signed at the CORLEAP international conference.

According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Council Serhiy Chernov, the project is aimed at creating a European-style regional recreational and tourist site. It is going to be the first local area of national significance set aside to protect Kharkiv’s unique geological heritage and to promote social and economic development of the Kharkiv region.

Within the project framework, mini-hotels, tourist shelters and cafes will be built together with recreational areas. The informational part of the work includes developing excursions, a site and listing geological, ecological, historical and cultural monuments.

A navigation system will be developed for tourists, traveling by car or bicycle. Also, studies of the local geology features are planned for educational, scientific and tourist purposes.

The unified area in the Kharkiv region will join the European network of geoparks.


Reference: The geoparks initiative was launched by UNESCO as an international initiative that recognizes sites significant for the earth science. The Global Geoparks Network was established in 1998.

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska