Business News Politics Society, 10/04/2017

Activists Organized Anti-Corruption Conference

On Saturday, April 8 Corruption and the City conference took place in Kharkiv Studio 42.

The event was organized by the team of Kharkiv Anti-Сorruption Сenter and supported by Embassy of Canada in Ukraine and the European Endowment For Democracy.

Initially the organizers stumbled over some difficulties with finding premises for their gathering.

“Some conference halls’ owners rejected our request as soon as they saw the list of speakers”, says Dmytro Drobot, one of the organizers.”Finally we found a small hall at Hub Studio 42 and therefore we could only accept about 80 participants. Requests of nearly 100 people who wanted to join the conference were rejected because of the limited space available.”

Nevertheless according to the participants the Conference was of great success and very inspiring as the key issue was the results of the activists work and their case studies. Kharkivite Serhiy Nazarov noted that the speakers including Olexandr Solontay, Yaroslav Yurchishin, Chief Executive Officer at Transparency International Ukraine, Artem Romanyukov, ProZorro presenter, Vitaliy Shabunin and Dmytro Bulakh showed “unlimited willingness to share their experience and to help their colleagues”.

“This was the civil society in action. We saw it actively growing and gathering new activists,” the participants stated.

Key presentations covered operation of ProZorro system, which helped to make budget procurements more transparent and open, won lawsuit against behind-the-scenes architecture contest  and activity of the new anti-corrution center.

According to Dmytro Drobot the anticorruption team is not only involved in combating corruption, but the activists also have initiated development of a new model of “intensive care reform package” in Kharkiv.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center