Culture News, 16/09/2017

First Coffee Festival in Kharkiv

On September 16-17, the Holiday of Coffee is taking place in Gorky Park in Kharkiv. Guests of the festival can sample the most delicious varieties of coffee available in the city.

Ten well-known coffee houses represent their barista’s skills and author’s types of coffee drinks on the main square of Gorky Park. All those present can try the best types of coffee with a wide range of desserts.

Kharkivites will choose the coffee house, which makes the best coffee in the city. On Sunday, the winner will receive gifts from colleagues. The organizers will also choose the lucky winner among the festival visitors, who will be awarded the prize from the best coffee house in Kharkiv.

There are a lot of good places in Kharkiv for every taste and pocket to enjoy coffee. Kharkiv Observer has made a list of a few of the city’s coffee houses.

Some like it hot. This coffee&bar is situated at Sumska Street, 71. You can choose your favorite drink from the large variety of coffee which include Burando Long Miles Bukeye, Sumatra Gayo Mountain Nobel, Sweet Boom, Irish and Orange coffee, Ice Latte and Cold Brew. They also serve salt coffee.

Some like it hot 2

Central Cofee. It is located at Svobody Street, 4. There you can try traditional coffee drinks, as well as coffee, brewed with alternative methods.


Masterskaya Coffee. It can be found at 23rd Serpnia Street, 30/6. Regular visitors come from all over to enjoy flavorful drinks, which assortment is very impressive. It is worth mentioning at least 30 different syrups, the barista skillfully compiles into the most original taste combinations.

Masterskaya Coffee

Up&Go. It is located at Pushkinska Street, 42. In addition to the classic menu, they also serve popular coffee rafts and cappuccino with peanut butter, and even coffee with halva.


Sweeter. It’s a network of cafes which are located all over the city. The cafes at Sumska Street, 26 and 67, Darvin Street, 1 and Yaroslav Mudryi Street, 2 are situated at the city centre. There you can enjoy natural fresh roast coffee at affordable prices.


Undeground Coffee. These cafes in the metro are very popular among Kharkivites. They are located at the entrance of the Universytet, Istorychny Muzei, Arkhitektora Beketova and some other underground stations. This fragrant coffee shakes and cheers everybody.

Underground coffee

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Social Sites