Culture News, 01/09/2017

First Independent School of Architecture: Pooling Experts and Ideas

The architectural higher education institution of European standards has been launched by a group of renowned professionals in Kharkiv.

This is the first non-state university of this kind in Ukraine.

Since August the students have been admitted to the zero year preparatory course and the public program. The comprehensive academic bachelor’s and master’s program would start since autumn 2018.

The teachers are the Ukrainian and foreign architects who currently work in the real urban environment. Some of them have been active participants of different civic urban projects in Kharkiv. The founders’ ambitious plans include holding exhibitions, creating a research laboratory and even opening a publishing house to spread the new ideas.

Among the lecturers and trainers, there are leaders of architectural design bureaus from the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Denmark, like the head of the Warsaw office of BuroHappold Piotr Tarczynskyi.

Some lectures and workshops will be free to attend. Also, the students will be able to go on internships in some European architectural offices and take part in student exchange programs.

One of the school founders is a renowned architect Oleg Drozdov, the project developer in the School of Architecture at Columbia University, says that the school’s main task is “not just to train the students but also to create the professional environment.”

“In post-Soviet universities, the students are not included in the “business life,” they have very few practices and interactions with the practitioners. In western schools, students work a lot on their own, but at the same, they contact regularly with their more experienced colleagues. So, they plunge into real work and communication since the very beginning,” Oleh Drozdov explains.

The official opening of the school is fixed on September, 9.

Oleg Drozdov by D&P

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Bagels & Letters