Culture News Politics Society, 11/04/2017

First Plast Oath in Kharkiv

April 8, Ukrainian scout organization Plast celebrated the Day of Oath. The members of Kharkiv Plast took their oath for the first time.
About 300 members of the organization from Kramatorsk and Poltava, Kharkiv, Kupians’k, Lviv, Kremenchuk, Slovians’k, and Ternopil together with their friends and parents took part in the celebration ceremony on the occasion of the 105th anniversary since the first Plast oath in 1912.

They marched from the monument of Taras Shevchenko to Maidan Konstitutsii (Constitution Square), where the scouts of different ages took the solemn oath.

“On my honor, I swear that I will do everything in my power to Be loyal to God and Ukraine, To help others, To obey Plast leadership and To live according to the Plast Law” uttered the boys and girls.

Later Kharkiv historians held guided tours for the scouts. Visitors from different cities of the Western and Eastern Ukraine walked the streets of the old city center within Kharkiv fortress’ borders, attended City Historical museum and visited mysterious Kharkiv cave.

The ceremony was concluded with a quest and a concert of Kharkiv rock bands.

Reference: Plast was founded in Lviv, in 1911 as the Ukrainian Scout Organization known as “Plast” as a “plastun” is a historical name for a Cossack scout. The founders of Ukrainian Scouting were Dr. Oleksander Tysovsky, Ivan Chmola and Peter Franko. The first clubs were established at Lviv academic gymnasium. On the April 12, 1912 for the first time scouts had sworn faithfulness to God and Ukraine. Therefore, April 12 is officially considered the birthday of the organization.

Text: Victoria Sklyarova, Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Suren Kocharyan, Spravzhnia Varta