Culture News, 07/07/2017

Freaks of Europe in Fifth Kharkiv

Yesterday within the Fifth Kharkiv project Ukrainian writer with an uncommon English sounding nickname Bandy Sholtes from Uzhhorod told about his astonishing trips and weird friends he met in Europe.

The presentation in Kharkiv Literary Museum included promoting his three books written ten years after the author’s journeys and adventures. The author himself defines his literature as subculture writing.

14 European countries, 14 European music festivals are on the list of Bandy Sholtes who “was lucky enough to get acquainted with a lot of strange, funny and just wacky people.”

Bandy Sholtes, whose real name is Andriy, admits that subculture or counterculture might sometimes be just “a mask” to disguise real addiction to alcohol or drugs. Nevertheless, he claims he may tell a real punk artist or hippie street musicians from just a drunkard within an hour.

The Bandy Sholtes’ adventures turned into three books “Sziget Island or Iggy Pop’s panties,” “T-Shirtologie” and “Freaks of Europe” as there were many people interested in his stories, the author says. Also, the source of inspiration was his collecting of T-shirts with “cool and funny inscriptions,” including the one he was wearing during the presentation which said “The My Englisch is Bed.”

t-shirt writer

The Fifth Kharkiv cultural initiative organizers think that Kharkiv has always been such a place that attracted uncommon, extraordinary and peculiar people who have influenced the city image and its spirit. For example, a famous philosopher and writer Hryhorii Skovoroda may have been regarded peculiar by his contemporaries, and now he is one of the historical art figures of Sloboda Ukraine.

The team of the Fifth Kharkiv met with Bandy Sholtes in the spring of 2017 in Uzhhorod, where the first session of the SlobodaKult project was implemented. After that, the author was invited to come to Kharkiv.

As for his first impressions of Kharkiv, Bandy Sholtes mentioned that he liked “delicious food” and an opportunity to reach on foot anywhere in the downtown.

Reference: The Cultural Initiative Fifth Kharkiv was initiated and supported by writer Serhiy Zhadan, activist Yaroslav Markevych and the team of the Kharkiv Literary Museum.

Text, photo: Olena Sokolynska