Culture News Society, 19/08/2018

Front-Line Zone Kids Discover Ukraine

On August 11, the school graduates from Zolote town, Luhansk region, finally began their journey over Ukraine. In December 2017, an unusual “Travelers from the East” project was announced by Serhiy Zhadan Charity Foundation and NGO Ukrainian Frontiers to accomplish the dream of school graduates living in the front-line zone. Fourteen graduates made a list of five Ukrainian cities – Kharkiv, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Odesa and Zaporizhia – they dreamed of seeing.

The first stop of the long-awaited Ukrainian trip was Kharkiv.  Some of the youngsters have already visited the city because of the universities they chose to enter here. But none of them had a chance to take a closer look at a real city life with its people, businesses, cultural spots and prominent places.

The curious youngsters have enjoyed an excursion to the Kharkiv office of Plarium, a big multiplayer online games developer. Watching the process of making a game the young visitors appreciated all the benefits of work in multi-national IT company.

The next visits were as much impressive. In  Superior Golf and SPA Resort, they saw a true golf tournament, talked to professional golf players and even tried themselves in this unusual sport.

“Each city discovers new experiences, demonstrates cultural diversity of the country and allows to get acquainted with actual professions,” says Maryna Koneva, group coordinator of Zhadan Charity. “For us, it was important to show both the history of the country, its cultural heritage and modernity. This will help children to understand what they can strive for, motivate them to learn and build the country they want to live in.”

Since August 14, the graduates from the front-line zone have spent three days in Lviv. And then they will continue on to other cities.

Before they left Kharkiv, a famous Ukrainian poet and writer Serhiy Zhadan has made a tour of the city and told the stories about literary Kharkiv to his guests.

Text: Kateryna Tereshchenko

Photo: Hanna Besonova