Culture News, 25/09/2018

Gender Museum Changes Address

On September 22, Gender Museum gave the first guided tour in the new premises to Living Mirror Playback Theater’s company, its long-lasting friends and partners.

Within a short 90-minute visit, guests were able to see only a small part of exhibits. Moreover, most of them have not been moved to the new location yet. The most fascinating things that impressed all comers are the “White on White” embroidery, the women’s history images book, depicting panorama, which shows how roles of women and men have changed through history’s timeline. They could also compare domestic and foreign books on female gender topics.

“White on White” embroidery is a traditional folk art that researcher of Ukrainian women’s movement Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak compares with women’s history. Despite all the seemingly democratic processes and promotions of gender equality’s ideas, women’s history continues to be invisible and unknown. Gender Museum’s director Tetiana Isaieva tried to cover this topic by giving a guided tour in the form of dialog.

She also presented Torture exposition which shows how traditions influenced society in different time periods, showing corsets and explaining about “sati,” an obsolete funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre, and female circumcision procedure.

On October 6, Gender Museum will host a Mirror Playback Theater’s performance in the form of play based on suggestions provided by the audience.

Museum’s grand opening will take place on October 9. It will present Women’s in War exhibition, dedicated to Defender of Ukraine Day, which is celebrated on October 14.

The updated museum has changed not only its address as it moved to 124-A Moskovskiy Av. New premises makes it possible to enhance the capacity for guests with new interactive stories and new forms of work.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Centre of Gender Culture