News Society, 29/04/2017

German Doctors Helped a 5-Year-Old Kharkivite Injured in ATO Zone

On April 25, the doctors of the German clinic in Würzburg operated a leg of Kharkivite Klym Klymenko, who miraculously survived the bombardment of Kramatorsk by Russian proxies two years ago. The operation cost 14,500 €.

According to Tetiana Shatokhina, Klym’s second mother, the doctors removed some of the damaged bone (because of which the leg was growing improperly), inserted an implant and tried to align the leg as much as possible. The doctors did everything they planned, and now every few days they will change the gypsum and watch the wound.

“The leg will be in the gypsum for eight weeks. Whether we can go to Ukraine now, the doctors will tell later. Also, we don’t know if Klym needs one more operation or not. Doctors only said that the leg would not be idealy straight. For his courage and not crying during the surgery German doctors awarded Klym a diploma”, said Tetiana.

Reference: On February 10, 2015, Russian forces bombed Kramatorsk, a town in the Donetsk region, some 50 km from the front line. A young mother Oleksandra Klymenko died while shielding her three-year-old son with her body. Klym was critically injured. Shrapnel crushed his left elbow and right leg, and he had shrapnel wounds all over his body. Doctors in Kramatorsk performed the first surgery, managing to save his life. Afterward, he was transferred to Kharkiv. Eventually, surgeons in Kyiv were able to save the nerve in his arm but were not able to restore movement. Klym has already endured nine operations. Last year in Germany doctors were able to restore some functionality to his hand.

The little boy dreams to become an athlete and to run as fast as his friends.

Text: Iryna Klymenko

Picture: Tetiana Shatokhina Facebook