Culture In Depth, 17/10/2017

German Prize Winners Come to Yermilov Center

Art Prize of Nuremberg News 2017 exhibition is held in Kharkiv popular gallery of contemporary art Yermilov Center.

The works of 45 German artists include painting, art objects, and installations. The presenting authors were participants and winners of this year contest named Art Prize of Nuremberg News (Kunstpreis der Nürnberger Nachrichten) which has been held in Germany annually for 25 years.

Such a long-term path proves the contest to be “a significant phenomenon for artists and art experts,” the art critics state. They highlight that it has stimulated public debate far beyond the region of North Bavaria, “serving both as a reference point for a creative quest and a stage where the artists can present their work, initiate and reflect creative arguing.”


Also, a large number of young participants who are showing their works to the viewers for the first time appears to endorse the viability of the idea of the contest founder Bruno Schnell.

All the artworks have a deep impact on visitors, say Yermilov Center guides. Thus Sid Gastl, who won the first prize, keep the viewer in a state of picturesque, compositional and meaningful vigilance. Sculptor Ignaz Huber with the second prize brought a collection of wooden figures, leaving the audience amazed.

The exhibition, which will last until November 11, backups the intercultural dialogue between Kharkiv and Nuremberg, Ukraine and Germany.

Yermilov Art Centre


Text: Olena Sokolynska