Business News, 15/11/2018

Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kharkiv

Global Entrepreneurship Week took place all across Kharkiv for the first time on November 2-9.

The event brought together all sorts of activities to develop entrepreneurship drawing on the western experience. More than 60 representatives of small and medium-sized businesses joined the events.

The organizers insist that globalization carries both opportunities and threats to local SMEs.  They believe that much of a company’s success depends on whether they will be willing to enhance their competitiveness and efficiency by implementing innovative ideas cultivated through international internships, business training and workshops.

During the event, speakers discussed new international projects offered by the programs such as MASHAV, SABIT, Fit for Partnership with Germany and many others. Speakers Oleksander Chumak and Natalia Yakovleva indicated significant opportunities for entrepreneurs lie in internships and learning from the experiences of foreign partners.

Global Entrepreneurship Week Kharkiv also included some events aimed at familiarizing businesses with the need to develop media communications, the transition from personal websites to trading in instant messengers and social networks, and how to deal with “difficult” clients.

Finally, representatives of businesses and banks discussed the results of the 10th International Economic Forum, considering the steps for following-up on these results.

The events were organized by the Association of Private Employers and the Department of Economics and International Relations of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Text: Yevhen Dorokhov

Edited: Peter Cribley,

Photo: Natalia Bondarenko