Culture News Science Society, 04/05/2017

Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Launched in Kharkiv

The first all-Ukrainian teacher contest for 2017 Global Teacher Prize Ukraine with the main award of 100,000 UAH ($3,700) kicked off in Kharkiv.

The registration, which started at EdCamp Ukraine on April 29–30, is in progress and will last till August 15.

According to the organizers of the contest, every teacher or educator is eligible to apply for the contest. The participant does not even need to have a degree in pedagogy. The only requirement for the contestants is teaching pupils of 6 to 18. Moreover, it is possible to nominate others: teachers can be nominated by their colleagues, students or students’ parents.

After this, the teachers will be assessed by experts and on September 1 the 20 best teachers will get to the next round. Top 5 finalists will be announced on September 15. On October 7, which is the National Teacher’s Day, the jury will select a winner, who will get national and world recognition of his or her achievements in addition to 100,000 UAH of the prize.

Also, five finalists will participate in the Global Education & Skills Forum in March 2018 in Dubai.

Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Grinevich believes that this competition will help identify the best teachers of the country who would become agents of changes in the whole educational system.

Basically, the main purpose of the Prize is raising the social value and prestige of the teacher’s job, which is recognized one of the honorable professions of the future by a team of researchers from the Canadian Scholarship Trust.

Note: The Global Teacher Prize with a $1 m award presented annually to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession, was started in 2014.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Bagels & Letters