Culture News Science Society, 27/03/2018

Hackathon to Introduce Innovations and Call for Actions

The 10th International Triennial of the environmental, social and eco-educational poster “The 4th Block”  invites IT professionals, designers, and communication experts to take part in the How to Survive in Kharkiv Hackathon.

The Hackathon will be held on April 21-22 at the Kharkiv School of Architecture within this year triennial. It aims to introduce innovations into urban infrastructure such as responsible consumption technologies or new solutions for the environmental issues. The organizers are planning the participants would develop a mobile application, a game, a brochure or another product that would help solve various problems in the city.

A working prototype of service or application would finally be presented to a jury and potential investors. The organizers envision the event to be fully interactive and hope the winners would get support to implement their inventions. With their projects, the participants will try to answer the ambitious question, “What exactly can I do for my planet and my city in particular?”

Everyone with creative ideas is welcome to take part in the Hackathon for free including non-residents. The registration for the festival has already been open.

Maria Norazyan, “The 4th Block” coordinator, explains: “At the festival in general, and within the Hackathon in particular, we are not only talking about the environment but about the integrity of conscience, consciousness, people’s interaction with the world.”

According to Alina Wilk, PR Manager at DataArt, there is no exact format of the invention to offer for the Hackathon, the event is more about sharing information, calling for action and finding investors for the ideas.

Reference: The jury members are renowned  Ukrainian graphic designers and experts, professionals from Mexico, USA and China. The Hackathon co-organizers are Grafprom design studio, DataArt,  Kharkiv School of Architecture and Gwara Media platform.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: 4th Block