Business News Science, 24/09/2017

HackIT International Cybersecurity Forum

The third international cybersecurity forum HackIT took place in Kharkiv yesterday. About 1,000 cybersecurity experts from all over the world participated in it.

Analysis of the past year’s most high-profile cyber incidents, the latest cyber weapons, methods of cyber espionage, solutions for protection and prevention of cyber threats were the main topics of discussion at the forum.

“This event is very necessary after the recent attack of the NotPetya virus. The knowledge the forum offers is needed not only for computer geeks but also for business people who don’t work in IT sphere. Today, both everyday life and business have become digital, and they need digital protection,” said the organizers.

The forum’s program included more than 20 reports and workshops on e-commerce and finance, business, and hacking. Startup competitions also took place at the venue.

The keynote speaker was a worldwide hacker Ryan Lackey. He is the founder of the CryptoSeal startup that later became a part of CloudFlare, one of the world’s largest DDoS protection services.

For the first time in Ukraine, the forum hosted the final of the “battle of hackers” in the CTF (capture the flag) format with the elements of e-sports. Fans were watching the game described by a commentator on a big screen. Teams from around the world competed in the battle.

The forum’s organizers also held the Cyberdetective contest. It became the first competition on searching information from open sources in Ukraine.


Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: HackIT