Culture News, 31/07/2018

Horrifying Stalin’s Massacre Story Being Filmed in Kharkiv

Kharkiv has become the filming location for “‘Slovo’ House” (Budynok “Slovo”) feature film. The shooting started last week, July 26. Filming has been taking place in Derzhprom premises and on Maidan Svobody.

A portrait of Stalin has been affixed on one of the entrances of Derzhprom building together with a poster saying “Our Cause is Just!” – one of the typical Communist slogans. Some vintage cars and film set of the 1930s were also installed.

The real “Slovo” House, situated on 9 Kultury St., is not used for shooting so as not to disturb its current inhabitants. In addition, the apartments’ interior of the 1930’s, which matters more than the house, was lost. Some special filming pavilions have already been built in Kyiv as well.

The feature film, depicting the tragic story of “executed” renaissance – the famous Ukrainian writers, playwrights, actors and artists who settled in 1930 in Kharkiv “Slovo” House and were exterminated by Stalin’s murderers – is promising to become an outstanding cultural and historical event internationally.

The movie is being directed by Taras Tomenko, the filmmaker from Kyiv.

In 2017, the documentary of the same name and by the same director was released and it stirred great interest in Ukraine and abroad. Therefore the feature film project received 30 million UAH in funding from Ukrainian State Film Agency Derzhkino. Before the film premiere, which is going to take place in 2020, the movie will be screened at some international festivals.

According to the film producer Oleg Shcherbina, “Budynok ‘Slovo’” is one of five the most anticipated movies currently being shot in Ukraine.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Olena Sokolynska, Nakipelo