Business News, 01/08/2017

Huawei Ukraine Offers Cooperation in a Safe City System’s Creation

The Chinese company Huawei Ukraine offers cooperation in the creation of a safe city system.

The delegation from China met with the city authorities on July 31. The parties discussed the concept of the Safe City project’s concept, which involves the installation of intelligent video cameras.

Director of Huawei Corporate Business Department He Fang noted that the company could make a multi-brand and an inexpensive solution.

“Our specialists first study the city’s infrastructure and utility systems and, on the basis of what it already has, create a safe city system,” said the director of the development direction of Huawei Gleb Malyutin.

First Deputy Mayor Ihor Terekhov noted that Kharkiv is interested in creating an integrated approach to the city’s security system.

“It is not just about the opening of a single center for emergency services and equipping the city with a video surveillance system. The new safe security system should build trust between Kharkivites, the city authorities and the police,” Terekhov noticed.

Urban video surveillance system will allow responding to events that occur in different parts of the city more quickly.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Photo: Kharkiv City Council