News Society, 10/08/2017

Humanitarian Aid from US Protestants to Kharkiv Hospital

American Protestants delivered 400 kg of medical supplies to the Kharkiv military hospital for soldiers wounded in the combat operations in the east of Ukraine.

58 boxes full of tubes, dropping bottles, syringes, injection cannulas, bed linens, elastic bandages, clothing, plastic containers, medical overall and other medical expendables were donated.

Emmanuel Mercy Mission Christian organization in Portland, Oregon, USA collected the supplies and shipped them to Ukraine. President of the Mission, Valery Shkurinsky and vice-president Nadezhda Driuk delivered this humanitarian aid upon the request of Volodymyr Zhurba, who represents Kharkiv church of  Christians of Evangelical Faith.

Reference. Emmanuel Mercy Mission is a Christian organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to individuals and their communities such as medical assistance, shelter, food, clothing and more. The Mission supplies humanitarian aid to families, churches and communities in Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Estonia, as well as to Uzbekistan.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova