News Society, 09/08/2017

Incredible Life Experience in Kharkiv Sky

Yesterday Kharkiv Observer got a letter from our reader Savash Tatli who has performed his first parachute jump in the Korotych airfield 10 km from Kharkiv and got greatly impressed and excited.

“It’s the best experience and one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my life. It wasn’t scary the way I had expected it. I’d recommend everyone to try it at least once!” said the man posting the video of the event on his FB.

Savash Tatli from Jordan studied architecture in Kharkiv and graduated from the O.M.Beketov National University of Urban Economy this summer. He skydived in tandem with the coach of Kharkiv Hryzodubova Air Club Evhen Manirko, accelerated freefall, RW instructor and the champion of Ukraine.

Every season from April to October, about a thousand of novices to skydiving try this activity for the first time under the guidance of the coaches of Kharkiv Hryzodubova Air Club and nearly 4,000 jumps are made by professional parachutists in DZ Korotych.

“The youngest skydiver was 6-years-old, and there are also those over 70 who jump here”, say the administrators.

Competitions and championships of local, all-Ukrainian and international level are held here, and the aviation records are set.

Thus on August 21 – 25, 2017, the airport is hosting BIG-WAY CAMP 50-way Sequential, an international even held for the first time in Ukraine. The athletes and paratroopers from 25 countries from Japan and Singapore to Brazil will be jumping off the Antonov-72 aircraft of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The world famous captains Kate Cooper (USA), Dieter Kirsch (Germany) and Ilya Balashov (Ukraine) organize the event. On the first day the paratroopers will carry out jumps in two groups of 28, in the following days 50 athletes will collect and rearrange the formations in free fall.

“People want to come to us, Kharkiv Air Club, to feel the Ukrainian sky, and jump off a wonderful Ukrainian aircraft,” says the world record holder Ilya Balashov.

Note: The Kharkiv Hryzodubova Air Club is one of the oldest in Ukraine; it was founded in 1925 and celebrated its 92nd anniversary this year. The organization belongs to the structure of the Society for Assistance to the Defense of Ukraine.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Savash Tatli, Oleksandr Shanin