Business News, 21/12/2017

Innovative Tanks Headlights Come from Kharkiv

FED Kharkiv machine-building plant is developing innovative LED lighting equipment for military vehicles.

The plant administration reports that their designers have created prototypes of low-beam headlamps and searchlights, based on light-emitting diodes for armored vehicles, created in the Morozov Kharkiv Machine-Building Design Bureau.

“The development of lighting equipment for the military is performed in collaboration with a number of domestic enterprises,” FED specialists specify.

The report added that FED had already launched the production of systems set to control the Oplot tank movement and air fans for armored vehicles of various types.

“The plant started testing its products’ quality, taking into account NATO standards, within the program of Ukraine’s integration into the EU,” the managers emphasized.

Reference: The net profit of the enterprise over a nine-month period this year amounted to 45.7 million UAH ($ 1,640,200). The main FED consumers are Antonov State Company, The Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company, Ivchenko-Progress State Company, aircraft repair plants and enterprises, manufacturing and repairing armored vehicles.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: facty ICTV