Culture News, 05/11/2017

International Dancers Compete in Kharkiv Airport

The third International Ukr Dance Cup 2017 Ballroom Dance Festival took place in Kharkiv. For two days, local airport building turned into a dance hall.

More than 2,000 dancing couples from all over Ukraine, as well as from the USA, Great Britain, Poland, Israel, Belarus, Russia and Georgia competed in the festival. The youngest participant was five years old, the oldest one was more than 50 years.

Dancers took part in standard European and Latin-American programs. Professional ballroom dancers from different continents were among the judges.

The organizers chose two locations for the event. In addition to a dance floor, there was a playground for children.

“Many people have worked to make this tournament happen. Every week we met at the airport, planned everything to the last detail. Over the past seven years, so many dancers haven’t participated in Ukraine’s competitions. We wanted visitors to enjoy the event,” the organizers said.



Text: Iryna Klymenko

Photos: Kharkiv City Council