Culture News Society, 01/05/2017

International Festival of Ballroom Dancing Takes Place in Kharkiv

On April 29–30, Mirror Stream 2017 (Ukrainian: Dzerkalnyi Strumin) 7th International Ballroom Dance Competition took place at Lokomotyv Palace of Sports.

The international festival gathered ballroom dancers from six countries of Europe and Asia. The two-day venue included competitions among dancers of various age and professional level in European and Latin American programs.

Also, this year the organizing committee has achieved an unusual and ambitious goal: to become the major ballroom dance event in the country. On April 29, International Dance Day, the competition has set a record by winning in a nomination for The Biggest Dance Festival. Representatives of the National Registry of Records recorded 5,951 participants.

Mirror Stream (Dzerkalnyi Strumin) is one of the largest dance and sports events in Ukraine. This festival is known beyond Ukraine. During its seven-year history, dancers and judges from the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Georgia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, and Moldova attended it.

Text: Iryna Klymenko


Photo: Kharkiv City Council