News, 02/09/2019

International Skydivers Form Ukrainian Coat of Arms in the Sky

At the end of August, before the Independence Day of Ukraine, skydivers from 12 countries, including Australia, Germany, Romania, Sweden, Poland, France, Slovakia together with Ukrainian athletes, created a formation in the shape of tryzub (Trident in Ukrainian), the Ukrainian Coat of Arms. The event took place at Korotych airfield near Kharkiv.

The jump was performed from two AN-28 aircraft. The sportsmen created a 34-way formation in the shape of the Ukrainian symbol in free fall. In this way, oversees guests expressed their respect to the country as a whole and to Kharkiv in particular.

The Kharkiv Gryzodubova Air club held a number of International Skydivers’ Festivals, which are called camps, in July-August. The spectacular show was held on the last day of the festival at the initiative of the camps’ organizer, captain and formation producer Ilia Balashov.

On July 29 -August 2, the National Guard Air Force trained at an unpaved airstrip. An AN-72 aircraft was successfully used by the skydivers at the Sequential Games.

The International Big Way Camp 40-way took place on August 12 – August 15.

Skydivers from all over the world met at the Ukraine Invitational 100-way in the air club on August 19 – 23, 2019.

Text: Natalia Ivanova