Culture News, 19/05/2021

Italian Photographer Presents His Works in Kharkiv

Enzo L’Acqua, an Italian photographer, exhibits his works at the Kharkiv National Opera and Ballet Theater “Skhid Opera.”

He first came to Ukraine in 2019, because he was deeply interested in the life of Ukrainians as well as the country’s past and present. At first, he just wandered around Kyiv and captured moments to feel Ukraine’s soul. For more than two years, the artist explored the country, visited Donbas and Chernobyl.

“Chernobyl is a tragedy not only for Ukraine. This is a lesson, a great lesson, not only for Ukraine but for the whole world. I believe that the war in Ukraine is a truly global problem as big one as Chernobyl,” considers Enzo L’Acqua.

The photographer aims to cross the borders existing between various nations and remove stereotypes invented by people.

“This exhibition is about Ukrainians. Sometimes they think they are different, bad or beautiful. First of all, they should be who they want to be, not how others see them. They should be proud that they are what they are,” says the artist.

The exhibition features printed photographs and animations with Italian music. In total, the artist presents about 200 works.

The exposition will be open until May 21. Then the works will be shown in Lviv, Kyiv and Odesa. The artist plans to present it in his hometown of Milan.

Text: Natalia Ivanova