News Politics Society, 26/01/2017

Joint American-Ukrainian Law Project Launched in Kharkiv

The suspects and witnesses in the Kharkiv region will soon hear “You have the right to remain silent” wording.

A pilot project aimed to inform the police witnesses and detainees of their rights has started in the Kharkiv region due to the interaction of Regional State Administration and the US Embassy.

Police are going to inform the citizens about their rights during arrests or witnesses interrogation.

Under this project, law enforcement officers will be distributing a special reminder of the rights of witnesses, victims, and detainees. The experiment is running until 31 March.

All departments of the National State Police in the Kharkiv region are involved in this work. In addition to distributing leaflets, continuous monitoring of the project results is planned.

The educative training implies not only promoting the legal awareness of Ukrainian citizens about their rights but is regarded as a “bridge of communication” between them and the representatives of the National Police.

Another purpose of the experiment is to raise public confidence towards the law enforcement system.
A number of projects in partnership with the US Embassy have already been implemented in the region. These are safety, administrative services, and anticorruption projects.

Kharkiv region has become the first among all Ukraine’s regions to introduce this joint Ukrainian-American legal training.


Picture by Olena Sokolynska