Culture News Politics Society, 28/11/2017

Kharkiv Activists Interfere in Russian Series Filming

Today National Corps activists ruined the scenery set of series about Soviet investigators on the filming site at Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute.

The protesters took off the film placards and signs and placed photos of the Ukrainians killed by NKVD.

The police tried to halt the protesters, which lead to a brawl.



At the end of October, Kharkiv Observer wrote that the second season of “Under Martial Law” Russian series was being shot at the campus of National Technical University “KhPI.” It is the Star Media company, which performs the filming.

A lot of Kharkivites were indignant about the fact that a series glorifying the USSR and presenting Russian propaganda was filmed in the city.

Commemorating NKVD officers, who had exterminated the population of Ukraine, appeared particularly sacrilegious now, during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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People wrote appeals and letters to stop the shooting and addressed to police and SBU.

The activists, including some ATO veterans, say they simply lost their temper after several attempts to stop the filming.

“We were waiting for the response from the law enforcement agencies, appealed to the rector of the KhPI with a request to help to stop the making of the series promoting destructive ideas of the aggressive country. However it was in vain,” says the activist Stas Mikulenko.


The protesters insist they would not allow filming the propagandist movie in Kharkiv as it doesn’t reflect the true historical events and plays a subversive role in Ukraine.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: 057