Culture News Science, 04/08/2017

Kharkiv Archeologists Find New Scythian Artifacts

Kharkiv archeologists discovered Scythian jewelry and ceramic vessels at the Bilsk settlement’s territory.

Students and scientists from V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University discovered unique artifacts of the Scythian period. The excavation took place under the guidance of Ph.D. in history Iryna Shramko on the Bilsk settlement’s territory situated in the Kotelevsky district of the Poltava region.

The massive gold jewelry they found probably belonged to the wealthy people. Archaeologists also have discovered a rare for this part of Europe imported vessel, like a goblet or a bowl. It was intact and undamaged that is very valuable.


Except for damaged ceramic vessels, archeologists found a certain number of bronze platinum plaques for horse harness made in the animal style. The decorations were in the Scythian horseman’s neighboring burial mound.

Last year, Iryna Shramko found more than 30 gold Scythian adornments, dating from the sixth century BC. Now they are stored in Poltava Regional Museum named after Vasily Krichevsky.

According to the director of The Bilsk Historical and Cultural Preserve Ihor Korost, the scientists deliver all found things to the Poltava Local Lore or University Museum with appropriate conditions for their storage. There are about 12,000 archaeological finds in the Bilsk reserve, the insured market value of which is more than $1 million.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Photos and source: Governmental Courier