Culture News, 23/02/2018

Kharkiv Artists Win Hearts in Peru

Two popular and eccentric Kharkiv artists – co-founder of the Bob Basset art studio Sergii Petrov and street artist Gamlet Zinkovsky – are displaying their artworks in Lima, Peru, from February 10 to March 3.

The artists arrived in Peru’s capital at the invitation of a local artist Conrad Florez and they arranged a NEGRO exhibition together with him and another Peruvian artist Andrea Barreda. Currently, the art center Monumental Callao is showing six masks by Sergii Petrov and 23 drawings by Gamlet, while the Peruvians presented three of their paintings.

In addition, the Ukrainians are taking part in the photo project in the streets of Lima and they are going to display their works in another city district.

Previously, Bob Basset and Gamlet held a joint project in 2016 when they showed their “Secret Room in Paris” video at the Addiction an l’Œuvre festival. Both artists have presented the exhibition all over Europe and in the USA.

Gamlet says that the neglected district of the Peruvian capital, where the exhibition is arranged, might serve as a great illustration of cultural impact on people’s attitude.

“This district is real slums where all the streets are painted with graffiti. And in the middle of it, there is a five-storied center of galleries and art workshops. So the local people visit the exhibitions and presentations, and the kids watch movies in the local hall.  As a result, they are changing to have a wider outlook,” he added.

The artist thinks such art therapy can be used efficiently in Kharkiv residential areas as well.

After the Peruvian expedition, Kharkiv artists are planning to invite Conrad Florez to Kharkiv to show his original works to Ukrainians.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Bagels&Letters PR agency