News Society, 21/02/2019

Kharkiv Commemorates Heavenly Hundred Heroes

On February 20, Kharkivites honored Heavenly Hundred Heroes. The commemorations traditionally took place near Taras Shevchenko monument, where Kharkiv Euromaidan activists gathered in winter 2013-2014.

According to Mykola Mokh, an actor, volunteer and public activist, about 300 people participated in the action. Representatives of NGO Euromaidan Kharkiv, Pivdenniy Post (South Post), Ukrophall, Rehabilitation Center for Military volunteers’ organization as well as Heavenly Hundred Heroes’ relatives and Kharkiv residents attended the event.

This year’s event is called “It’s Better to be Silent” as it was not planned to give many speeches but just remember all perished on the fifth anniversary of Maidan in Kyiv.

The event’s organizers displayed photos of 107 Heavenly Hundred heroes in the shape of crane V formation on paving stones near the monument, lit lanterns and put two carnations in front of every photo. People also laid flowers to the heroes’ portraits.

Yaryna Chahovets, the host of the event, explained that this installation is a pre-production copy of a 10-meter-monument which is planned to be installed on Heavenly Hundred Heroes Square. It is going to look like a crane V formation flying in the sky where the number of birds equals the number of fallen heroes.

The action started with a moment of silence when all comers honored the memory of the Heavenly Hundred. Then Ukrainian priests prayed for the souls of the heroes who died for Ukrainian Independence.

Volodymyr Chystilin, the coordinator of Kharkiv Euromaidan, recalled the events of those tragic days and highlighted that it isn’t only a page of the modern history of the present but also important for the future. “The Revolution of Dignity has not finished yet, it’s still going on and we should think what to do next.”

After the action, all comers were invited to the great hall of the Opera Theater located close to the event’s location. The symbolic concert name is “Glory to the Heroes.” Its program included both popular pieces of Ukrainian classical music such as excerpts from “Taras Bulba” opera by M. Lysenko, choral works by M. Leontovych, “Prayer for Ukraine” by S. Hulak-Artemovsky, and excerpts from the mourning memes of world-famous composers.

Reference: Three Courageous Kharkivites of the Heavenly Hundred are Yevhen Kotlyar, Vladyslav Zubenko and Yurii Parashchuk. Kotlyar was killed on Institutska Street while he was carrying a wounded having covered him with his shield. Vladyslav Zubenko, who was also protecting those injured, was shot by a sniper and died in a hospital. Yurii Prashchuk was killed on the spot by a sniper’s bullet. He was a volunteer and did not have a bullet-proof jacket or a helmet.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: Victor Trubachov, Oleksii Kurtsev