Culture News Politics, 09/05/2018

Kharkiv Commemorates Victory Day and Europe Day

On May 8 and 9, a number of solemn events and meetings, dedicated to the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation, Victory Day and Europe Day took place in Kharkiv.

This year, the Victory Day’s celebration has become closer to the European tradition of remembrance in the Kharkiv region.

On May 9 at 10 a.m., commemorative events started at the Marshal Konev Height Memorial in Solonitsevka, Derhachi District, the Kharkiv Region.

Veterans of the World War II, combatants, served in the territory of other states, ATO soldiers, the city and regional officials laid flowers on the monumental stele. The memory of the victims of Nazism and the war was honored with a minute of silence, followed by the military salute.

The solemnities are being held until the evening, hundreds of the festival participants are being treated with the traditional soldiers’ field kasha (Ukrainian: porridge) and presented the concert and performances.

It is important to note that Kharkiv also celebrates Europe Day today. On May 9,  there is the anniversary of the 1950 Schuman declaration, which introduced a new form of political cooperation in Europe, based on democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Today, President Petro Poroshenko highlighted that Russia and Ukraine commemorate the same date in very different ways. “Russia believes that the WWII was won by Stalin. We consider that those were the people who gained the victory. Also, according to all post-war events, the Russians needed the victory over Hitler to conquer other countries. However, all we needed was our own freedom, our own independence, which we eventually gained 46 years after the victory,” the president noted.

Poroshenko added that “the Russians are celebrating the Victory in the heat of militarism, aggressively set against the whole world, and we are celebrating these days together with the whole Europe.”

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: KhRSA