News Politics, 27/07/2017

Kharkiv Court Sentences Four Anti-Maidan Activists

The prosecutor of Kharkiv region Yurii Danilchenko reported on the investigation of crimes related to the seizure of Kharkiv Regional State Administration in April 2014. According to the report, the Kharkiv court passed sentence on the cases of four Anti-Maidan activists.

“The Maidan case has moved off dead end. At the moment four suspects were sentenced,” said the prosecutor.

He noted the substantial delay in the investigation into these cases associated with the unprecedented number of both suspects and witnesses.

Danilchenko also mentioned that Anti-Maidan activist Roman Dobrianskyi, previously detained in Georgia, is in Ukrainian pre-trial detention center. He is accused of managing “titushky” and commanding them to attack the protesters at the Academy of the National Guard of Ukraine in February 2014. Ukraine sent all documents needed for Dobrianskyi’s extradition to the Georgian law enforcement agencies back in November 2016.

Previously regional court of Kharkiv found 69-year-old Yurii Apukhtin guilty of organizing mass riots together with violent attacks and of urging publicly to forcible change of Ukraine’s constitutional system and seizure of state power. The mutineer was sentenced to six years in prison. However, the prosecutor’s office demands to deprive him of liberty for eight years.

Text: Anastasia Mitrofanova

Photo: 057