News Society, 16/08/2018

Kharkiv Forum Promotes Cooperation between Community and Law Enforcers

The Forum for Community Safety, organized by the EU Advisory Mission (EUAM) Ukraine, took place in Kharkiv on August 9. During the event, civic organizations and representatives of law enforcement agencies discussed public safety initiatives, ideas for projects and ways of promoting cooperation between the community and law enforcers.

The EUAM supported the development of a strategy to ensure public security and order in the Kharkiv region for 2018-2019. This document was approved by the Kharkiv Regional State Administration at the end of last year. “A program such as this is one-of-a-kind in Ukraine, which recognizes the primacy of law enforcement activity in response to the wishes of the public, expressed via an opinion poll,” noted Verner Pedersen, EUAM Regional Presence Coordinator in Kharkiv, during the forum.

The recent forum aims to secure the support of the community and enhance public trust for law enforcement activities.

At the forum, participants learned about upcoming initiatives and projects such as a road traffic safety campaign, which is scheduled for September, and a planned Neighborhood Watch program that will provide information to residents on how to secure and protect their property and create safer neighborhoods.

During the next few months, it will be a priority for the EUAM Regional Office in Kharkiv to support and strengthen the cooperation between civic organizations and law enforcement agencies in the region.

Source: EUAM Ukraine

Photo: EUAM Ukraine