Business News, 21/12/2018

Kharkiv Goes Smart

Last week, representatives of Kharkiv Reform Office, Vodafone Ukraine and Kharkiv IT Cluster signed Memorandum on Cooperation aiming to transform Kharkiv into an innovative high-tech hub. 

Kharkiv Smart City is a comprehensive program, focusing on the introduction of smart technologies and their integration into the local government, social sector, and everyday life. Some solutions are being developed in global Vodafone R&D centers.

“Our IT community has an internationally recognized expertize in the implementation of digital technologies and effective management of IT-projects. Therefore, cooperation among Vodafone, IT sector professionals and Kharkiv Reform Office will help deployment of smart solutions into the city infrastructure,” noted Olha Shapoval, managing director of Kharkiv IT Cluster.

Within Kharkiv Smart City program, about 36 projects are going to be implemented in various urban living areas, including Smart Traffic with smart traffic lights and public transport stops, Smart Energy that deals with alternative energy, as well as E-medicine, E-government, and apps for tourism.

A start has already been made, when Mobile ID or Digital Pass, which allows confirming identity with the help of a smartphone, was introduced in the city. Kharkiv has become the first city in Ukraine to implement the new technology.

“This Memorandum is an important step towards building the Smart System in our city. With the slogan ‘Together for Better’ we are open to proposals, which can stimulate further city’s development,” Mykhaylo Lazarev, head of the Kharkiv Reform Office, concludes.

Text, photo: Maryna Kosenko