News Politics Society, 30/11/2017

Kharkiv Honors the Warrior

Veterans, friends and family commemorated the fallen grenadier of the 58th motorized brigade Serhiy Shevchenko yesterday.

The 43-year-old soldier was killed in Luhansk region, near Krymske village, in the battle with terrorists on November 23. The hero was buried at Kharkiv cemetery on the alley of Glory.

Serhiy Shevchenko lived near Chuhuiv, the Kharkiv region. He joined the army from the first days of the war in 2014. At the beginning, the soldier with Sheva code name served as a grenadier in Donbas battalion and later transferred to the 16th motorized infantry battalion.

On November 23, a group of four Ukrainian fighters under command of senior lieutenant Olexander Tyumentsev deployed to the gray zone, which is the boundary territory between the areas controlled by Ukrainian government and terrorists, where the crew ran into terrorists’ ambush. The combat lasted for eight hours. Four Ukrainian soldiers together with their commander were killed.

Their bodies were transferred from the temporarily occupied territory the next day after the battle.

Shevchenko’s brothers in arms say he was always cheerful, reserved and balanced. ”He was a real warrior, a real man. We loved his jokes. I can’t remember a moment when he lost his temper,” they recalled.

His fellow combatants state Serhiy Shevchenko was fighting bravely and died like a hero.



Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Union of ATO Veterans