Culture News, 06/06/2018

Kharkiv Hosts Contemporary Art Biennale

Kharkiv has won the competition of the Ministry of Culture to hold the second Youth Biennale of Contemporary Art of Ukraine in 2019. The first Biennale 2017 took place in Kyiv.

Yesterday, June 5, a closed roundtable with potential Biennale organizers and subsequent press conference took place in the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery. The discussion was held for several hours to determine the festival features and its possible challenges and advantages for Kharkiv. Also, the organizers considered potential locations, partners and curators.

Yurii Rybachuk, Deputy Minister of Culture of Ukraine, and Tetiana Tumasyan, Director of the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, a member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on Contemporary Art, spoke at the press conference among other art managers and officials.

Yurii Rybachuk noted that Kharkiv was chosen due to its “amazing and extremely powerful creative potential.” Currently, it is decided that the Biennale working group should include some world-famous Kharkiv artists like Pavlo Makov, Taniya Boruzunova and Gamlet Zinkovsky.

The director of the Municipal Gallery highlighted that it is great honor and responsibility for Kharkiv to host the Biennale 2019. However, she pointed out that the key problem is the choice of location for displays. “The whole available local base of exhibition grounds cannot provide the space, required for such a high-level event. We should still search for more sites premises. And if it were an abandoned shop, it should be equipped with light and other facilities, which may need much work and financial support,” Tumasyan said.

In the evening Municipal Gallery presented the winners of the last year’s Kyiv Biennale, these artworks were selected out of 60 participants’ projects.

In a few months, a competition for artists aged up to 35 will be launched to take part in the Second Biennale.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Artem Slypachuk