Business News Science, 27/12/2017

Kharkiv Innovators Win Battle of Energy Startups

On December 22, the Battle of Projects contest was held in Kyiv by Ukrenergo Laboratories – a pilot project of Ukrenergo National Power Company, aimed at finding and supporting talented youth.

The project was designed last year as an incubator for new ideas in the field of energy. During a year of a tough competition in “Nights of Energy” format, six teams from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv were selected to develop their own original ideas under the guidance of experienced tutors from Ukrenergo Company.

These very ideas were presented in the final Battle of Projects when the six teams defended their unique energy startups before the expert jury.

The participants – 42 gifted and driven students – competed for the right to implement their startups together with Ukrenergo Company’s specialists, which was the major prize for the winners.

Following the presentation of their projects, the finalists were answering the questions of the jury and of each other.

projects battle

Kharkiv team, called Kirchhoff’s workshop, won the first place with their project of an intellectual drone. “The jury evaluated rather the ability of the contestants to convince the jury that they are the best than they assessed the idea itself,” says one of the organizers Eduard Rubin.

“Four hours of intellectual competition gave its result: the audience got an exciting show, jury got non-standard projects and the team’s supporting arguments. The students received their first experience of life when you need to be able to sell and pitch yourself quickly and efficiently,” the project’s initiator Mykhailo Bno-Airiian notes.

energy battle1

Therefore, the project-winner, developed by Kharkivites, will be implemented together with Ukrenergo Company and next year it will be presented to the general public. Also, the students got an opportunity to gain employment by the state company in future.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Ukrenergo Laboratories