Business News, 10/12/2017

Kharkiv IT Cluster to Participate in Regional Program for IT Development

Kharkiv regional council deputies voted for amendment under which Kharkiv IT Cluster is included into the regional IT development program for 2016–2020 at the plenary meeting of the session on December 7.

The organization will be a key participant in the program’s implementation, together with the Department of Mass Communications of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

“It’s the right moment when the national progress depends on the government’s openness to cooperation with business. Our organization is ready to help develop regional telecommunications infrastructure, understanding, that otherwise, its level will remain less satisfactory,” stated one of Kharkiv IT Cluster co-founders.

The program aims at accessing to a high-speed internet connection in rural areas, creating competition for telecommunication providers. It will also contribute to the development of the state standards for the industry and advent of satellite and radio technologies. Furthermore, the initiative will foster the development of e-government with its core elements like digital documents circulation, local area networks for local governments and confidential communication systems.

It was also stated that considering the geographical location of Kharkiv region, which borders Russia, regional ICT capabilities are crucial for the national security of Ukraine.

Text: Maryna Kosenko

Photo: Kharkiv IT Cluster