Business In Depth Society, 23/07/2018

Kharkiv IT Cluster Turns Three

Over 200 participants, friends, colleagues, and partners attended Kharkiv IT Cluster festive meetup on the occasion of its third anniversary on July 11, where a summary of its activities was presented.

Back in 2015, in the period of political and economic uncertainty, several leaders of IT companies decided to pursue a common mission to turn Kharkiv into a technological capital of Ukraine offering a friendly environment for business and education. As of today, the NGO runs 34 successful projects in different areas and encompasses 38 members and 11 partner educational establishments.

Educational projects targeted people of different age groups ranging from children to highly skilled professionals. School teachers enjoyed seminars on the implementation of fundamentals in contemporary applied sciences, which helped them to design STEM courses. Also, Kharkiv IT Cluster supported students participating in the city startup movement. Besides, the Cluster team supported curriculum development for the new master degree program in Digital Media and Strategic Communication. It is going to be launched at the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University in September 2018.

Kharkiv IT Cluster continues building a network of ambassadors and image of Kharkiv as a comfortable place for living and working in IT industry. Moreover, IT Cluster’s legal committee ensures adequate legal support for the member companies. It ran seminars on new trends in the international legislation, including GDPR.

During the Meetup, PricewaterhouseCoopers presented the preliminary results of its comprehensive research of Kharkiv IT industry and several forecasts of future developments. According to the research, 450 IT companies operate in Kharkiv. Among them, 84% are small businesses.  The median salaries in the region are 25% lower than that in Kyiv. However, Kharkiv quality assurance testers earn more on average than elsewhere in Ukraine. The Kharkiv iT companies revenues reached $803 million in 2017. Having neither additional help nor obstacles up to 2025, the industry will grow more than twice and will reach $1.6 billion. Extra 15% growth is possible in case of a positive scenario and a friendly environment.

Thus, during three years the Kharkiv IT Cluster succeeded to become a center of the regional IT industry and build a solid basis to turn Kharkiv into a technological megapolis.

Text: Marina Kosenko

Photo: Kharkiv IT Cluster