News Society, 07/10/2019

Kharkiv Joins National Action against Steinmeier Formula

On October 2, Kharkiv residents joined the national “No Surrender” action on Maidan Svobody near “All for the Victory” tent. According to organizers, about 500 participants took part in the event.  

Representatives of Tradytsii i Poryadok (Traditions and Order in Ukrainian), Veteran Union of Anti-Terroristic Operation NGOs, National Corps and Demokratychna Sokyra (Democratic Hatchet in Ukrainian) parties and the all-Ukrainian Union Svoboda (Freedom in Ukrainian), as well as other organizations, took part in the event.

The action was conducted using an open mic format, meaning that any attendee could speak out. Many protesters held signs saying: “No Surrender!” “How Much is Ukraine Now?” “Surrender’s Legalization?” “Only Victory” among others. Activists were protesting against the so-called “Steinmeier Formula,” under which the Donbas territories would acquire special status.

Participants believe that this will contribute to the capitulation of the Ukrainian government to Russian authorities.

During the event, activists demanded the prosecution and revoking of citizenship of all those “who worked for the occupational administration or participated in military operations against Ukrainian armed forces.”

One of the protesters also claimed that President Vladimir Zelenskiy must declare “a real martial law, not a fake one like back in December 2018, in the frontline territories and a total economic blockade of the temporarily-occupied territories until final de-occupation.”

It was also announced about the establishment of Resistance to Surrender Headquarters.

On October 6, the “No Surrender” viche (meeting) traditionally took place at Maidan Svobody near the “All for the Victory” tent. About 300 people took part in the event. Members of all pro-Ukrainian organizations and parties attended the meeting and spoke to all comers.

One of the action’s initiators, the coordinator of Kharkiv Euromaidan, journalist Volodymyr Chystylin, stated that Steinmeier Formula essentially promotes the occupation of Ukraine, which could trigger a civil war. “We do not need elections in Donbas under threat of Russian assault rifles; being patriots we must avoid surrender, we will defend Ukraine,” he stressed.

“Everything that our Armed Forces and the volunteer battalions have fought to achieve for years now seems ceding back to the enemy very fast. And if the war is going on now, only there, in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, then after such agreements and laws, it can spread throughout Ukrainian territory,” says the representative of headquarters of the Pravy Sector (Right Sector in Ukrainian) Nazar Bozhynsky.

At the end, participants collected signatures to appeal to President Volodymyr Zelenskiy protesting against Steinmeier Formula. The activists plan to progress the appeal through the Kharkiv Regional State Administration and city council.

The same actions were held in Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Odesa, Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Lviv and other cities.

In turn, on October 1, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy noted in his report that Ukraine had agreed to the Steinmeier Formula and stressed that local elections in Donbas will only be held according to Ukrainian law and only after the complete military withdrawal [Kh.O.: by Russia] and after Ukraine regains control of its state border.

Zelenskiy claimed that the so-called law on a special status of Donbas would commence working on an ongoing basis after local elections will be held in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine and the Ukrainian legislation, as well as after the publication of the OSCE’s report that the elections had been held under the OSCE and international standards of democratic elections.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo:, hromadske,