Culture News, 21/01/2018

Kharkiv Landmark Reconstructed for Orthodox Holiday

The spring area renovation and several light installations in Sarzhin Yar surprised Kharkivites on the day of Epiphany, which was celebrated yesterday.

“The spring’s roof was redesigned and strengthened, new water points were set up, and two light installations were built on the construction’s top. Visitors who stand under the spring’s roof in the evening will see the shining sun and the blue sky. To make this illumination, designers lighted up color sand. The roof’s outer side is illuminated as well,” deputy director of Kharkivzelenbud municipal enterprise Andriy Dron informed.

“The roof is coated with decorative stones and 500 star-shaped diode lamps,” Dron added.

According to the deputy director, landscaping of Sarzhin Yar surroundings is planned in spring. A flower bed will appear on the slope near the clock.

Text: Natalia Ivanova

Photo: City Council