Culture News Society, 07/11/2017

National Inclusion Program Launched in Kharkiv

The National Forum on children’s inclusion “Learning to live together” will be held in Kharkiv on November 16.

The main task of the conference is to develop the integrated national program to support children with disabilities and to start implementing it.

The forum will unite efforts of international experts dealing with the multidisciplinary approach to bringing up special children. Minister of Education Liliya Hrynevych and acting Minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun are taking part in the conference. Also, the First Lady of Ukraine, Maryna Poroshenko, who is one of the forum organizers, is coming to Kharkiv to participate in the discussion.

children's inclusion


However, the most important forum participants are parents of children with disabilities, organizers highlight. They are also inviting teachers, doctors, social workers, volunteers, and community representatives.

In addition to developing a national program of children’s inclusion, the participants are going to promote the creation of a national platform for communication of families of special children. “They often talk about children but do not think about their families,” says a pediatrician and healthcare activist Andriy Penkov. “However, my experience of pediatric palliative care shows that parents of children with special needs and other family members need psychological, physical and material support as well. They all feel lonely and isolated.”

This kind of communication is started with a virtual platform on the FB page and a website. The forum organizers hope to stimulate communities to seek effective solutions for the issue.


Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Olena Sokolynska, Nakipelo