Culture News, 09/05/2019

Kharkiv Literary Residency Announces Winners

In April 2019, applications for participation in Kharkiv Literary Residency-2019 were finalized. This year, four monthly residencies for two Ukrainian prose writers, one Ukrainian translator and one foreign author will be held in spring, summer, fall and winter.

For participation in the event, 26 applications, including nine from foreign authors, five from translators and 12 from Ukrainian writers, were received. Applications came from Romania, the United States, Croatia, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Israel. Both famous authors and beginners were interested in taking part in the residency.

The jury included famous Ukrainian authors Serhiy Zhadan and Andrii Kurkov, translator and literary critic Alla Tatarenko, poet, writer, journalist, and translator Oleh Kotsarev and Oksana Lutsyshyna, a writer, poet, and translator. They elected four residency’s participants by secret ballot.

In May, Lyubko Deresh, Ukrainian prose writer, arrived in Kharkiv for a month to work on a novel about modern Ukraine and an era of post-truth. In July, translator Yaroslava Strikha will work on a translation of the novel “Transcription” by the popular contemporary British writer Kate Atkinson. Michael Zeller, a German writer, who first visited Kharkiv in 1994, is going to write a series of stories for his third collection in September. In November, Ukrainian author Kateryna Kalytko will work on a book about “little people,” in particular women, against the backdrop of the complicated historical events of 1917 – 1921, showing the attempts to establish Ukrainian statehood.

Residents will have the opportunity to stay in Kharkiv for a month to work on their prose, as well as to explore the city, including its history and culture, and to take part in creative meetings.

Kharkiv Literary Residency is a joint project of the Ukrainian branch of the International PEN Club and Kharkiv Regional State Administration with the organizational support of Kharkiv Literary Museum.

Text: Natalia Ivanova