News Society, 06/11/2017

Kharkiv March against Animal Cruelty

March against animal cruelty took place in Kharkiv within Vegan Day Fest on November 4.

Ecological Action and Green Front organizations activists together with sympathizing Kharkivities marched from Naukova metro station on Nauky Avenue past Derzhprom building and the Shevchenko Garden to the Nemo dolphinarium, and their final destination was the site in front of Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

According to organizers, they aim to draw public attention to the problems of animal abuse in various businesses, such as farming, involving animals in the entertainment industry – circuses, zoos, dolphinariums, – hunting. They also protest against vivisection which means testing chemical products on animals.

During the march, its participants shouted various chants and slogans: “Animals’ Freedom is People’s Freedom,” “Animals are not clowns,” “Handler, stop telling lies, the animal does not want to perform,” “Dolphin’s house is the sea” and others.

According to the march participant, Coordinating Council member of Green Front movement Artem Sosipatrov, the dolphins are highly intelligent creatures and they were not born to entertain people. Also, the dolphinarium uses salt water which should be dumped. The sewerage system is not designed for this. As a result, salt causes corrosion of metal sewage pipes. Therefore, there is no place for dolphinarium in Kharkiv. People can communicate with dolphins at sea resorts.

Organizers suggest stopping eating meat and wearing fur clothing, replacing them with more environmentally friendly products and materials.

“Mostly, people join the animal-rights movement by chance. Many Kharkivites join us after attending educational events,” one of the march organizers Ksenia Lesnaya said.

The similar action took place in Kharkiv about two weeks ago.

Text: Natalia Ivanova