Culture News, 24/01/2018

Kharkiv Mural Gets Admired Internationally

A mural from Kharkiv was included in the Collection of Best Street Art 2017 by I Support Street Art movement, the major supporter of urban street art all over the world.

The list comprises impressive murals appeared last year in various parts of the world: across Europe, in America, Malaysia, India, the United Arab Emirates, China and Australia.

The Kharkiv piece of art was painted as part of the international festival Mural Fest 2017 that took place in the city from May to December 2017. It was organized by the Investment Development and Image Projects Department of the city council and the local art studio Kailas-V. The 15 meter-high mural can be seen on 79 Plekhanivska St. Its creator is a famous Polish graphic artist and architect Mariusz Waras nicknamed M-City.

“We were really happy that Mariusz Waras agreed to join our festival and came to Kharkiv. He created such an outstanding and inspiring artwork rather quickly despite nasty weather,” says Andriy Palval, one of the festival’s organizers and the author of many prominent Kharkiv street art paintings. “The artist worked from the end of November and finished the painting on December 2.”

Bulgarian group Arsek&Erase and Lviv artist Taras Arm Dovhaliuk also took part in the Kharkiv festival, which was aimed at changing Kharkiv visual presentation and promoting international relations, creating new attractions and expanding the tourist area of the city. 

Reference: Mariusz Waras, M-City, is a graphic artist, outdoor painter and traveler having notched up over 700 pieces to his M-City project alone. Born in Gdynia, Waras currently lectures at the Department of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. His artworks may be seen in the streets of Warsaw, Gdańsk, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bolzano, London and Prague, as well as in art galleries.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: ISSA, Kailas-V