News, 12/09/2017

Kharkiv Oldest Street Gets Advanced Tramway

Tramways and pavements are being reconstructed on Velyka Panasivska Street using the modern technologies.

The overhaul is covering about 1.7 kilometers of the road – from the tram terminus to the Central Market entrance.

Velyka Panasivska Street is one of the oldest and longest streets of Kharkiv. It stretches in Kholodnohirsk district for almost 7 kilometers to the north from Chobotarska to Dmytrivska streets along river Lopan and reaches the city boundary. It repeatedly changes its direction and width.

The officials state that previously, only routine repairs had been carried out on this road and tram tracks which wooden crossties were laid half a century ago.

The street reconstruction commenced at the end of August, and most of the tram tracks have already been renewed.  The repair includes upgrading underground networks and road surfaces, as well as ground communications, including traffic lights and pylons for electrified contact network.

The contractors state that the tramway overhaul uses a mix of four durable technologies which are brand new both for Ukraine and Europe.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Nadiya Li, Wikipedia