News Politics Society, 30/01/2017

Kharkiv Air Force Cadets and Officers Push up for ATO Veterans

Yesterday, 29 January cadets and officers of the Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv University of Air Force joined the world military flash mob #22PushUpChallenge to support ATO veterans.

2017 people took part in the event, military servicemen did 22 push-ups simultaneously in the Gorky Park.  They were challenged by Main Headquarters of Ukrainian Air Force, Vinnytsia.

Now the challenge is passed to the Air Command Center of the Air Forces of Ukraine, Vasylkiv.

This is not the first military unit located in Kharkiv participating in the push-up challenge. Earlier on 24 January, Eastern Regional Directorate of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine joined this international flash mob to support Ukrainian veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war and in memory of the dead, challenging other border guard units.

The flash mob #22PushUpChallenge appeared in the United States and spread in Ukraine at the end of 2016 mainly through social networks, thousands of people have been involved by now including volunteers, journalists, policemen, generals, diplomats and city mayors. The participants are drawing attention to the need of psychological and social rehabilitation of ATO soldiers who returned from the war zone.

The participants should do 22 push-ups for 22 days. They film their exercise and distribute the videos in social networks with the appropriate hashtag. The reason was the statistics on the number of suicides among US war veterans, which was published by the Department of Veterans Affairs saying that 22 ex-servicemen committed suicide daily in average.

Photo: Unian