Business News, 28/11/2017

Kharkiv Plant Enters European Market

Tank T-72 components and spare parts, produced at Malyshev plant, will be supplied to one of the EU countries in 2017–2019 within the tender won by SpetsTechnoExport.

The contract implies the tank maintenance. The State Foreign Trade Company SpetsTechnoExport won the tender from a European state-owned company in accordance with the Government Procurement Agreement rules. That’s the first tender won in Ukraine after the signing of the GPA agreement.

The leader of the Ukrainian defense industry Kharkiv Malyshev plant has become the main contractor for manufacturing the tank’s motor-transmission compartment. “The signed contract proves the Kharkiv plant production is indispensable and of high quality,” the report says.

The total value and terms of the contract are not specified yet as well as the recipient country.

“The EU countries, former members of the so-called Socialist bloc, still have many armored and aircraft equipment built in the former USSR. The machines need maintenance and upgrade. The Ukrainian defense industry is capable of carrying out this work thanks to necessary know-how and personnel qualification,” says the director of SpetsTechnoExport Pavlo Barbul.

Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Malyshev Plant