Business News Politics, 03/08/2017

Kharkiv Plants Contribute to National Military Might

Balaklia Repair Plant, Kharkiv oblast, and Malyshev Plant have presented their manufacturing capability recently.

Balaklia Repair Plant demonstrated and tested the anti-aircraft gun system Shilka ZSU-23-4 produced for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Balaklia plant, state enterprise within Ukroboronprom concern, all combat vehicle systems were completely tested in the operation mode, including firing from a 23-mm quadruple automatic cannon with a total rate of fire of 3,400 rounds per minute.

It is worth highlighting that initially Shilka was made for protection against helicopters. However, in the conditions of the hybrid war on Donbas, Ukrainian military experts have found a new application for this combat vehicle. Shilka with its rate of fire, speed and maneuverability appeared to be an effective means of hitting ground targets and of suppressing enemy firing positions.

In total, the Balaklia Repair Plant has fixed about a hundred military equipment units since 2014 and provided Ukrainian soldiers with anti-aircraft missile systems.

At the same time, a group of Ukrainian Parliament members visited the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant within their working trip. According to the people’s deputies, the enterprise managed to keep its manufacturing capacity, despite all the financial difficulties.

“Today, the plant is working mainly for export, but next year 10 tanks from here will go to ATO zone. Kharkiv remains one of the military manufacturing locomotives of Ukraine. And the state must do everything to support it as much as possible to get modern domestic made weapons,” MP Viktoria Siumar summed up.


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Text: Olena Sokolynska

Photo: Ukroboronprom,