News Politics, 12/09/2017

Kharkiv Pro-Russian Activist Stands Trial

The case of Kharkiv anti-Maidan activist Hnat Kromskoy, known as “Topaz,” is presented in a Kharkiv court.

According to the prosecutor’s office, one of the victims beaten on March 1, 2014, during the assault on the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration was questioned regarding this case. It was after this attack that Kromskoy, its active participant, was detained and placed under house arrest. In December 2014, he was detained again at the Ukrainian border trying to escape to Russia, resulting in his imprisonment.

Topaz became infamous after attacking Kharkiv civic activists. What is more, he made the video in 2014 where he called up urging Russian president Putin to bring the Russian Army to Kharkiv and “restore order” here.  Today, the accused states that he believed that the Russian troops were to leave Ukraine after their “mission.”

Since January 2015, the criminal proceeding on Kromskoy’s case has held.

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Kromskoy is suspected of participating in mass riots, accompanied by arson and destruction of property and threatening the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

The next court session is scheduled for September 19.

Text: Olena Sokolynska