Culture News Society, 20/01/2018

Kharkiv Prosvita Elects New Chairman

Kharkiv regional branch of Prosvita civic organization elected Anatoliy Serhienko as a new chairman at its conference today.

New chairman plans to increase the Prosvita engagement in the cultural life of the region. Also, the organization faces the hard challenges of post-soviet and post-colonial legacy in the east of Ukraine. Moreover, it has to redefine its mission and identity according to current social and political realities in Ukraine.

Recall, the priority of the all-Ukrainian Prosvita society is promoting the Ukrainian language as the only state language in Ukraine.

Noteworthy, according to the Prosvita members, Kharkiv organization survived several attempts of right-wing nationalists to take it under control during last decade. As Prosvita members believe, far-right parties in Ukraine used to get secret support from Russia, as a part of its efforts to destabilize Ukraine and discredit its symbols among the population of the eastern regions. Penetrating Prosvita was among these plans. In particular, such efforts paid off in Donbas providing the basis for spreading Ukraine-phobia among certain groups of people in 2014 and establishing the conditions for occupation by Russian proxies.

Reference: Prosvita (Ukrainian: “enlightenment”) is a society created in the nineteenth century in Ukrainian Galicia for preserving and developing Ukrainian culture and education among the population. By the declaration of its founders, the movement was created as a counterbalance to anti-Ukrainian colonial and Russophile trends in Ukrainian society of the period.

Text: Olexander Kulbitsky

Photo: Igor Isaenko